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Ex Oblivione, Berlin 2017


Until Water Grasps Flame (words from Keiji Haino)

Ink on paper.

Black: Implication Flooding (words from Keiji Haino)

Ink on paper.

So, black is myself (words from Keiji Haino)

Ink on paper.  

Duidao // Tête-bêche

“The first work by Liu Yichang I read was Duidao. The title is a Chinese translation of tête-bêche, which describes stamps that are printed top to bottom facing each other. Duidao centres round the intersection of two parallel stories – of an old man and a young girl. One is about memories, the other anticipation. […]

Time Anarchy

⌈fuck the future, fuck the past⌋  


  we wrapped our dreams in words and patterned the words so that they would live forever unforgettable He wants to name the unnameable and hear it named. He wants to see himself as a personality instead of as a person. He wants to see personality as an inexhaustible mystery of the signified separate from […]

negative fascination

New York 2016



  01. Katsunori Sawa “Beginning” (Weevil Neighbourhood) 02. Katsunori Sawa “Escape” (Weevil Neighbourhood) 03. Pact Infernal “Circle VII” (Violence) (Samurai Horo) 04. Steven Porter “Untitled III” (Weevil Neighbourhood) 05. Noumeno “Brain Muff” (Haunter) 06. Honzo “Emptiness” (Arboretum) 07. Roly Porter “Mass” (Triangle) 08. Pact infernal “Circle VI” (Heresy) (Samurai Horo) 09. ASC “Ignite” (Samurai Horo) […]