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Ex Oblivione, Berlin 2017


Until Water Grasps Flame (words from Keiji Haino)

Ink on paper inspired after seeing Nazorani perform.

Black: Implication Flooding (words from Keiji Haino)

Ink on paper.

So, black is myself (words from Keiji Haino)

Ink on paper.  

Duidao // Tête-bêche

“The first work by Liu Yichang I read was Duidao. The title is a Chinese translation of tête-bêche, which describes stamps that are printed top to bottom facing each other. Duidao centres round the intersection of two parallel stories – of an old man and a young girl. One is about memories, the other anticipation. […]

negative fascination

New York 2016




Time moves in one direction, memory another.  We are that strange species that constructs artefacts intended to counter the natural flow of forgetting. -William Gibson            Concrete images taken by Simone Ling.


Part of a photographic series taken somewhere in Asia, whilst waiting for the sun to rise. “A moment of mystery, it might almost be called, a moment of trance. Speaking again of the dark alcove, I need only pause before it and I forget the passage of time.” -Tanizaki


GHOST TOWN ROAD More pictures from my travels..  Somewhere in California.