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Duidao // Tête-bêche

“The first work by Liu Yichang I read was Duidao. The title is a Chinese translation of tête-bêche, which describes stamps that are printed top to bottom facing each other. Duidao centres round the intersection of two parallel stories – of an old man and a young girl. One is about memories, the other anticipation. […]


  RESTRICTED LOVE Continuing her mission to merge latex-wear with high fashion, Atsuko Kudo took part in the Lingerie London show in aid of the Seven Bar Foundation. To compliment the delicate mood of the collection, which drew inspiration from the retro visions of Hong Kong in Wong Kar-wai’s ‘In the Mood For Love’, SHOWstudio […]

Intersected Memories

 Intersected Memories  He kept gazing into the mirror until he dared not look any more. For he could only look for his lost happiness.
 He raised his head and blew smoke rings towards the ceiling.
Small thoughts suddenly emerged and flashed across his mind like sparks of fire.
 When people were lonely, they liked to think […]